Zant (Hyrule Warriors)

Zant in Gabe Chronicles III

Zant (or in Last Order the Ring Master) is a main character possessed by Vanitas. He is actually good, and becomes a summon after the battle.


He has three forms: Zant, Giga-Zant and Mecha-Zant

He has a very compilicated battle, there is no basic way to beat him.

HP: 8,888  MP: 9,321  ATK: 5,214

General InfoEdit

|name = Jeffrey Zantos

|gender = Male

|color = Pale

|eye color = ???

|species = Twili

|height = 6'11

|weight = 77.7

|aliases = The Usuper King.

|friends = Midna, Brick, Reno, Rude, Gabe.

|enemies = Ganondorf, Arhiman, Vanitas, Sephiroth.

|interests = Anything.

|portrayer = Zant

|birthday = 9/29

|family = Midna (Daughter), Gabe (Son-in-law)