The Omega Weapon also known as "Light's Mirror" or "The Alpha Weapon" is rumored to be the second keyblade ever made and even rumored to be made by Omega. It was stolen by Vanitas and then utterly destroyed so Kingdom Hearts could never be opened again. It was somehow revived in GCIV as an obtainable weapon.

Omega Weapon
480px-Χ-blade (Incomplete) KHBBS
Omega Weapon
Vital statistics
Type Blade of Shadow
Effects +25 Strength, +25 Magic, +15 Length
Source Shop at The World That Never Was
Cost to buy 2,000,000 Gil, All Arichalcum+'s, 10 Mystical Stones, 5 Neon Orbs, 5 Arichalcums, 5 Dark Gems, 5 Gravity Crystals, 50 Dark Crystals
Cost to sell N/A

Gabe Chronicles Edit

Vanitas holds this blade.

Gabe Chronicles IV Edit

It can be bought as the best weapon with various gems most obtained by the Organization XIII.