Midna (Hyrule Warriors)


Midna is a character from Zelda: Twilight Princess and Zelda: Hyrule Warriors. She is technically the "Guide Character" although you can play as her in Gabe Chronicles III in the part of the Ganondorf Battle when Gabe gets possessed. And you can play as her in GC: Dissidia


First introduced in Twilight Princess, she has a friendship to Link. In Gabe Chronicles, You must fight and kill Link, because of Demonsword. Midna then became the girlfriend of Gabe, and Boomer liked her being Gabe's girlfriend since he now has a "Mom". Midna then hugs him. She is also a helpful guide in Gabe Chronicles acting as Tippi where as if you lock on a enemy and press up, she'll tell you about the enemy.  In Gabe Chronicles III: Gabe and Midna marry

General InfoEdit

|name = Midna Zantos

|gender = Female

|color = White, Blue and Black

|eye color = Red (but not evil)

|species = Twili

|height = 3'4

|weight = 67.5

|aliases = The Twilight Princess.

|friends = Gabe, Brick, Reno, Rude, Zant.

|pets = Wolf Link

|enemies = Ganondorf, Arhiman, Vanitas, Sephiroth, Zant.

|interests = Adventuring.

|portrayer = Midna

|family = Gabe (Husband), Boomer (Son), Brick (Son), Butch (Son), Zant (Father)