Genesis is one of Gabe's brothers and is a kinda main character. He is the second strongest of the three and is best friends with Zack Fair. He and his brother Sephiroth then turned evil. Although Genesis does have a light side, somewhere.

Boss InfoEdit

Genesis is the first boss of Gabe Chronicles II: The Next Chapter. He isn't tough but does have swift attacks, he's fought again in Ahriman's Dungeon

Boss: Genesis

HP: 1,535  MP: 582  ATK: 99 

Boss: Genesis (Ahriman's Dungeon)

HP: 7,621  MP: 8,219  ATK: 4,982

General InfoEdit

|name = Genesis Frank Rhapsodos

|gender = Male

|color = Peach

|eye color = Green

|species = Human

|height = 5'6

|weight = 79.5

|aliases = LOVELESS.

|friends = Zack Fair.

|interests = Writing Books.

|portrayer = Genesis Rhapsodos 

|birthday = 7/19

|family = Sephiroth (Brother), Gabe (Twin Brother), Ahriman (Father).