Gabe is the main character of the Gabe Chronicles saga, he has many looks across games, due to battles. He works alongside Midna, Brick, Reno and Rude.


Gabe was the leader of the Crisis Core a facility that had a few members, he then was sent to another world along with Reno Tribal, Axel's twin, and Rude Kalasatrakalis, another person. They landed in a weird world, the trio then met two other otherworlders: Midna, the Twilight Princess, and Brick, a boy with powers. Then they soon joined together and started a journey.


Gabe's abilities are either by Gun or Sword.

Gun AbilitiesEdit

Attack, Twin Shot, Charged Shot, Blinding Shot, Knock-out Shot, Death Shot.

Sword AbilitiesEdit

Attack, Rip, Crisis, Charged Blade, Blinding Blade, Knock-out Blade, Killer Attack, Zansuken.

Gun OverdrivesEdit

Big Shot, Nega-Bullet, Rapid Fire, Bazooka

Sword OverdrivesEdit

Genesis Rock, Zantetsu, Terror, Omnislash, Zantetsuken.

General InfoEdit

|name = Gabe Issac Rhapsodos

|gender = Male

|color = Peach

|eye color = Blue sometimes Green

|species = Human

|height = 5'2

|weight = 89.5

|aliases = Gabe the Wise.

|friends = Midna, Brick, Reno, Rude, Zant.

|pets = Chibiterasu

|enemies = Ganondorf, Arhiman, Vanitas, Sephiroth, Zant.

|interests = Adventuring.

|portrayer = Rufus Shinra 

|birthday = 7/19

|family = Arlene (Daughter), Ela (wife), Sephiroth (Brother), Genesis (Twin Brother), Brick (Bestest Friend, Like a Son).



Gabe in Gabe Chronicles 2 and 3


Gabe with Reno and Rude in Gabe Chronicles 1


Gabe at the end of Gabe Chronicles 3


Gabe in GC: Last Order


  • The reason Gabe looks alot like Rufus Shinra from FFVII is because Gabe was once an entity with no body, so he possessed Shinra.
  • That he has a crush on Midna
  • Gabe has blond hair, like the game's creator: Gabe.